sexta-feira, 20 de março de 2009



I'm so secure
You're here with me.
You stay the same
Your love remains
here in my heart.
So close I believe
You're holding me now,
in Your hands I belong.
You'll never let me go;
So close I believe
You're holding me now
in Your hands I belong,
You'll never let me go.
You gave Your life
and Your endless love.
You set me free
& show the way
now I am found
All along You were beside me
even when I couldn't tell
and through the years
You showed me more of
You more of You
So Close - Hillsong

2 comentários:

andrézinho disse...

Amante do nosso ser...

filipe_miguez disse...

bem miudos...tou quase a chorar!